Friday, 16 July 2010

Classic Liner "Willem Ruys"

No update to the site recently, because I have been very busy working on a commission from an Australian client. The first of the 2 paintings is this one of the classic Dutch liner WILLEM RUYS, seen at sea passing another Dutch vessel, the ORANJE.

WILLEM RUYS had a very long career, being built for Royal Rotterdam Lloyd in 1947, and almost making it to the 21st century as the cruise ship ACHILLE LAURO.

The ORANJE started life for Nederland Lines in 1939, and was used on the Dutch East Indies run. She too was acquired by the Naples Achille Lauro company, and was transformed into a very sleek looking ANGELINA LAURO. She had a severe fire in 1979, and sank in that year on her way to the breakers.

The painting measures 56cm x 76cm

The second picture in this commission is of another classic liner, this time the Italian GUGLIELMO MARCONI, a beautiful vessel built for Lloyd Triestino in 1963 for the Italy-Australia run. This picture measures 28cm x 38cm.