Tuesday, 24 June 2014

North Norfolk Small Boats

Blue Crabber on Sheringham Beach  76 x 56cm

'Mollie-Florence' on Sheringham Beach 38 x 56cm
This boat can be found in The Mo museum in Sheringham;
I have transposed her onto the beach. (This picture sold)

The Hard and the Quay, Brancaster Staithe 56 x 76cm 
This is a present-day scene; these wooden craft are still in daily use.
(This picture sold)

The Yellow Mussel-Boat at Brancaster Staithe 38 x 56cm

More Crab and Mussel Boats

 'Ready to Launch' 76 x 56cm (sold)
An old wooden crab-boat on Sheringham beach. This is a reconstruction, since these boats are now almost non-existent.

'Sunny Day at Brancaster Staithe' 38 x 56cm (sold)