Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wooden Barn Series

Green Farm Barn, Saxtead
Watercolour 38 x 56cm
I found this timber barn close to a main road. The doors looked as though they might not have opened in a long time, but I decided I wanted to paint it with one door ajar, and have the shadow cast by it. I made a small card model to check on how the shadow would fall.

Wooden Barn Series

"Requires Slight Attention"
Thatched wooden barn near Wrentham, Suffolk
Watercolour 45 x 60cm

Barn Painting Series

Suffolk Thatched Barn
Watercolour 56 x 76cm

I came across this amazing thatched barn near Bungay some time ago, and took a few quick photos of it, making a mental note to return and photograph it from different angles and in different lights. When I returned one month later, it had gone! The site had been completely cleared; I could hardly believe my eyes... I painted this tribute to it.